Carson Catlin DCON Exclusives at the Spankystokes booth!!

Posted: November 1, 2012 in Art, Toys
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Dcon is setting up to be one of the coolest Cons for vinyl toys.  If you are in the California area and collect toys you better be making your way out to Pasadena.

Carson Catlin just sent over some pics of what he will have for sale at the convention.

All of this will be up for grabs at booth #301 via Spankystokes.

Here is what he has going on:

Black Rainbow Reticulated Dunny’s:
Another set of 10 3″ dunnys cut free from excess vinyl and fully saturated with colors of the rainbow. Only to be drenched in pure darkness.
They will retail at $50 each. They sold out within an hour at NYCC so if you want one come early to Booth 301
This trio of Mad’ls consists of a 10″ brown with green interior and a blue with yellow and red with blue 5″ counterparts.
The 10″ will retail at $300 and the 5″ will retails at $150 a piece.
Left over 1000 points of light.
I had three of my 1000 points of light series in inventory and thought I would bring them along for the ride.
They will retail for $125 each. Batteries included.
Tango and Cash. (don’t ask why):
These two threaded Marka 72 dunny’s have been treated with a glossy ivory finish and threaded with red and black thread.
They will retail for the stupid low price of $75 a piece. But they beg to stay a pair. Just saying.
 From Carson “In addition I will doing live cutting throughout the day and selling what I come up with on the spot.
Also At 2:15 on the stage opposite of the Suckathon I will be doing a live cutting of a rare Pink 5″ Mad’l. Heres the kicker, it will be given away at booth 301 that day.”

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