A Music Lovers Dream: Get on Down Records

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Art, Music, Uncategorized
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In a day and age where the demand for physical media is waning rapidly, I happened to run across a company who is specializing in special re-issues of classic vinyl, CD, and cassettes (yes cassettes). That’s actually how I found them. I have been searching for a copy of Raekwon’s Only Built for Cuban Links cassette (which is known simple as the purple tape since it was made of clear purple plastic), ever since I let my good buddy DJ Inkognito (@djinkognito) borrow it and never got it back (which to this day he still claims is untrue, but I know better than that). I randomly saw a post on the Kidrobot forums referring to the purple tape and thought, it can’t be! But it was! And it was on ebay in a special deluxe case made out of mahogany?! HOW DID I MISS THIS?! After I had recovered, I went to the site that created the re-issue and begged them to sell me one of the now sold out sets…a broken or damaged one…a sample one…anything! I guess I wasn’t the only one hitting up Get On Down Records with this request, because they had a few left over which they released online to those who had missed out. This second sale crashed their server. I missed out again, but during this I discovered their site. WOW. They had:

Albums released on USB drive that look like turntable needles

Deluxe Versions of the GZA’s Liquid sword CD that have a chess set included!

Fat Boys LPs that look like a pizza, and come in a pizza box!

A newly released Nas Illmatic Set!

A Set of 45 rpm singles from the Rojac/Tay-ster catalog in an alligator textured case

to name a few…..

If you like music, and appreciate the old days of vinyl cassettes and CD’s I would suggest you check out http://www.getondown.com

DJ_NU_MARK fat_boys NAS raekwon_d_5801 Rojak_SinglesGZA_Chess


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