One Poster to Rule them All: Olly Moss x Mondotees x LOTR

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Art
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Olly must have created this poster in Mt. Doom because all other LOTR posters will bow before it.

Moss has once again teamed up with Mondotees to be the next in line for their Lord of the Rings series.

There are 2 versions the OG Bluish/Green and the Variant Orange.  They should be available tomorrow on Mondo’s site at a random time.  This will sell out almost instantly so If you aren’t there when it drops you won’t have a chance for you to grab this “precious.”

Release Info:

What:  Lord of the Rings print by Olly Moss

When: 12/13/12; Random Time*(It is not official yet)

Ed. Size: OG 580; Variant 285

Price: ? (best guess is $75 and $100)



Picture courtesy of Olly’s Page


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