Mache Custom Daft Punk Nike Dunks

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Art, Sneakers, Uncategorized
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When I initially spoke to the award winning sneaker customizer Mache about working on some custom dunks for me, I had no real idea of what to expect, except that he would knock it out of the park. I was listening to Discovery at the time, so I asked him to use a Daft Punk theme. I just got these bad boys in last week and WOW! These are my 1st pair of custom sneakers and I definitely am off to a good start.

The shoes are two different colors to represent the masks of the dynamic electronic music duo. The right one is gold-tone and features the Daft Punk logo from their album prominently on the back of the shoe. The left one is silver-tone and features a very cool left and right mash-up of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter’s famous helmets, along with shimmering silver laces.

I’m very pleased with these and honestly can’t decide if i’m going to pound the pavement with them, or just keep them pristine and stare at them. Feel free to leave a comment on what you think I should do.

Thanks again Mache!

Mache’s contact info is:

twitter/instagram: @mache275

  1. ludwin says:

    Where i can get those and how much does it cost in dollars

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