Yikes! It’s been some time.

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

So it’s been some time since and update but a ton is happening in the next couple months so I am going to try to post more and more.

Anyway, this week I’m traveling to NYC for the first time! I’m really stoked about it too.

So here is a list of the things I’ll be writing/reviewing about for those that might be interested!

The Daily show with John Stewart!!! I have tickets to a taping so ill be posting pics and whatnot from that (i understand there usually is a Q&A with John…Anyone have any questions you want me to ask?)

Cronuts – I’ve been wanting one since I had heard about them. I’ll finally get a chance to try them out (flavor this month is blueberry Lemon).

Vinyl Toy shops! I’m sure you have ordered from them in the past but, have you ever wonder what Toy Tokyo, Toy Qube, My Plastic Heart (RIP Kidrobot) really are like on the inside? Ill post some pics and my thoughts.

The kaNO Lost & Found show! One of my favorite artists is having a show opening this weekend. I’ll definitely be checking it out.

If there is any else you want me to talk about let me know!

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