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Wowzers! Imagine my joy when I heard there would be a coarse pop up show during sdcc, which I was already going to be at! I went to their signing on thurs and got a sweet sketch from Sven. Didn’t really know what to expect from the show…. Got there super early and waited in line for a few hours. My fellow n3rdlink brother who was supposed to let me know when he headed over did me dirty and disappeared…. Turns out he went to the show and was in line way ahead of me (with friends like these…). At any rate the line was fun as usual and the show was GREAT. New coloways, and all of the og pieces were 1/1. Made me wish that I had a few extra bucks stashed away to buy some of the coarse originals that were available. At any rate…. Here are the pics. Enjoy



















SDCC is underway! Preview night was a success and the N3rdlink crew was present and even managed to score most of the pieces and posters that they were after. We will all be getting up in about half an hour to get in line. Here are a few pics from the preview night. We will be posting more pics as the con continues.


































I got this little surprise in the mail from the blade-master Mr. Carson Catlin. I was leaving for vacation the next day so I had to wait to open it to make sure that I could get a few good unboxing pics of the Reticulated Box
I ended up taking it to my brother’s place on the 4th of July so that a buddy with a good camera could get some shots for me. Other friends quickly circled around and I got a lot of “What’s that?”, and “That looks cool”. My nephew even wanted to know if it was an Energon cube!
Now to the particulars:
The cube came in a box with Carson’s logo in yellow on the top and a label saying “1/1 the Nerdy Edition” on the other side. NICE!!!
It was wrapped in yellow felt to match the color of the cube which was a nice touch. The cube itself is 2.5 inches of translucent yellow. The the reticulated pattern on each side is unique, and one side has Carson’s logo on it. Looking at all of the details on it made me wonder if Carson isn’t secretly also a surgeon.The box is well constructed and is also pretty resilient. There was a moment of panic when the cube was positioned too close to the edge of the table to take a picture, and it fell to the concrete balcony… but it survived, and I couldn’t even find a scratch on it after I inspected it.
The Reticulated Box, which I think I’m going to nickname C4 (Carson C. Catlin Cube) has since been positioned in my house in a couple of different places, and seems to work well in all of them. I’ve placed it next to random toys as well as more geometric pieces, and it holds it own in both settings and makes a bold statement. I’m betting a few of these in random colors would look good grouped together. Currently the cube is residing on my desk at work, and is eye catching enough to have gotten a few “What’s that?” already.
If you want one they will be available at the upcoming San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC).
Details from the man himself can be found below:
In the signature style of Catlin’s cuts comes the Reticulated Box.
It is a 2.5 inch cube of laser cut acrylic. The SDCC release will be a translucent red and will be an addition of 20.
10 will be available online at and will retail for $50.00 plus shipping.
10 will be available with Carson Catlin at SDCC and will go for $50.00 each.
Look for the tall bald guy with cool tattoos at the dragatomi booth.
In addition to the reds, I will also be releasing a Lemon Lime and Orange dream edition with Dragatomi. There will be six of each created for sale.
Special thanks to @Arsonal for help with the pics

The n3rdlink inbox was just graced with this press release and pics from Mr. Carson Catlin:


I hope this email finds you well and not too stressed out with the upcoming con. It will be my first year attending so I am trying to make a big impression. 😉

First up is momentum.
Momentum marks my first paw raw custom and the start of my pieces for SDCC 2013. Painted orange and pink with distressed silver and gold exterior. He will retail for $600 at booth 5350

Next is 3retbots

3retbots is three of the KR mascot 7″ figures reticulated with metallic paint. They will retail for $200 a piece at booth 5350. Been wanting to do this since I finished the father and son piece a while back.
fatalities is three customized calavera skulls from the beast brothers. Painted with a bright interior and finished with silver distressed metallic exterior. They will retail for $200 a piece at booth 5350.
and my first ever blind box series
These little guys will retail for $40 a piece in an edition of 10. Available at booth 5350
And lastly my boxes
Here are my three colorways for SDCC 2013.
first is “in the red” edition of 26. 10 will be available on me, 10 will be available at during the convention. Also on Saturday there will be 6 additional available at booth 5350.
second is delicious a orange and white frost box in and edition of 6. They will retail for $60 each only at booth 5350
lastly is refreshing, yellow and green and yours for only $60 each in an edition of 6 at booth 5350
In addition to all of the above I will have a couple more munnys at dragatomi’s booth and  various things to sell durring both of my signings on Saturday. First one is at 11:00 at dragatomi booth 5350 and at 2:00 at BeeFy & Co booth 5646
If you are attending please swing by dragatomi and say hi.
Thank you for your continued support.
Looking at these pics…the Paw is bananas (no pun intended)
I’m most likely going to be gunning for a mascot if they aren’t all snapped up during preview night.
The N3rdlink team got to r3view a reticulated box. The review will be posted shortly for those who are curious to know more about it.

For those not on their mailing list, here is some info on how to score some San Diego Comic Con re-sale tickets. Good Luck to those hunting!

-N3rdlink Crew



Comic-Con International is pleased to announce that because of returned/cancelled badges we will once again be able to offer those badges for resale. This year we have also reduced the allotment of reserved badges for certain departments. Comic-Con has decided to add these badges to the resale for our attendees. We currently have several thousand single day badges available for resale, only 3,100 of which are Saturday badges. 4-Day badges are sold out.

Due to the very limited number of badges available and our vendor EPIC Registration being focused on coordinating onsite registration, the Comic-Con 2013 badge resale will be conducted utilizing a random drawing.

To enter the Comic-Con 2013 Resale Drawing, login to your Member ID account now and click the blue notice that says “Click Here to Enter a Drawing to be Eligible for the Comic-Con 2013 Badge Resale!”

The drawing entry period will remain open for 48 hours only, and will close June 12, 2013 at 10:59:59 AM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). Late entries will not be accepted.

You must have a valid and confirmed Comic-Con Member ID to enter the drawing.
Anyone who has already registered for or purchased a 4-Day badge (with or without Preview Night) or a single day Saturday badge will not be eligible to enter the drawing.

Those selected to participate in the Comic-Con 2013 badge resale may purchase their own badges, as well as badges for one additional guest. You may purchase for any guest who has a confirmed Member ID (as of June 7, 2013) and does not have a 4-Day badge (with or without Preview Night) or a single day Saturday badge. Your guest does not need to be selected from the drawing pool to be eligible to purchase.

Comic-Con will notify everyone who is selected to participate by email on or before June 17, 2013.


Attendee Registration
Comic-Con International

Although we weren’t able to personally make it out to Rotofugi to attend the Squadt Assembly installation, we were fortunate to have some friends there who were able to snap us some pics. For those who aren’t familiar with the show, it’s arguably one of the coolest shows I’ve ever heard of. The idea is this: Ferg has made his iconic Squadt figure available in an array of body types, and a multitude of clothing and weapon choices. This is basically like build a bear….but infinitely more bad-ass.
Collect and Destroy (CAD) members and Squadt enthusiasts were lined up as early as 2am to receive a line ticket at 11am and insure that all of their desired options would still be available. These folks were in for a treat, because in addition to being able to buy the gallery exclusive Glow in the Dark Orange Body, and an additional build, there were 12 “Built by Ferg” pieces that were also available. Thanks to our buddies CAD buddies GregM, MikeyK, and LonerStoner for shooting us some snaps of the Built by Ferg Pieces shown below. I’m still kicking myself that I couldn’t make it to the opening cause it looks like it was a BLAST!!!

For those who are in or near Chicago, the show is up until April 28th if you would like to go check it out.

you can hit Roto @rotofugi and Ferg @fergbag

The blademaster Carson Catlin is at it again. This time he has turned his attention to the iconic Mario and Luigi to create these reticulated masterpieces. He had this to say:
I was recently asked if I would participate in the “Game on”  group show at 1AM SF.

I jumped at the opportunity and whipped up these two guys.

brothers is a reticulated Mario and Luigi.

They will retail for $500 a piece or you can get both for $900.

 Thanks again for the continued support.

I’m really digging these guys…i mean Mario Brothers and Carson Catlin…whats not to like. Enjoy the pics below


Carson just sent over some shots of his latest custom, which is based on ThreeA’s Bambaboss figure. The custom is titled Bambabadass (try saying THAT three times real fast), and the name sure is fitting.
Why does every platform that gets the CC treatment look so cool?!?! Here’s what he had to say
Just finished another commission and I thought I would share.Bombabadass
I was asked a few months back if I was interested in doing a custom based on the Bombaboss. I love doing new platforms so I was super eager to make this happen.

I went with a gradient interior instead of the solid color I usually use. Its most noticeable on the bubbly smoke section on his back. The exterior was painted with a blue color scheme to compliment the interior. Overall I am very happy with how it turned out and I’m sad to see this one go.

Keep an eye on my instagram to see other works in progress. Lots of exciting things in the future.

Thank you for your time!



btw peeked at your instagram Carson….LOVING the KR mascot set

The show’s opening reception officially started at 8:00pm and by 8:30 Art Whino was absolutely packed!!! The cupcakes were a hit and the PBR was flowing, while DJ Inkognito set the tone with his mixing skills.

 Dr. D’Cruz was on hand and let the show-goers know about his experiences working overseas with Doctors Without Borders in Chad.
Show pictures are below. Inquiries on any remaining pieces can be directed to and 20% of the purchase price will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.


You can also make tax-deductible donations here:

Special Thanks to Dessert Fantasies for the yummy cupcakes!

The Art without Borders showing at Art Whino is turning out some great customs supporting a great cause (Doctors without Borders.)

Curator and fellow N3rd Link Member Mawuli (@KonfuciousTribe) sent me some sneak peaks of the set up during the show! Take a look at some of the great entries that you can expect to see this Saturday at art whino! Including our very own Nikejerk’s Dr. Who customs (the true doctors with absolutely no borders)

If you are in the DC area please check out the show. Buy some art and help a great cause! Info below!

Opening Reception:
Feb 23
120 American Way
National Harbor, Md 20745