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Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) gets behind the wheel in the movie adaptation of EA’s wildly popular driving game Need for Speed.

If I had to choose three words to describe the movie it would be; revenge, fast and cars. You might be able to predict what happens in this movie but is it still worth your time and hard earned money? I was able to see an advanced screening, so I’ll tell you.  *there is a mini rant at the end with spoilers.*

The Plot: Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul) is a street racer and owner of his family’s car garage which is about to be foreclosed on. To save the shop he takes a job fixing a rare mustang (valued at $3 million) from his long time racing nemesis Dino (Dominic Cooper). After the car is sold, a street race ensues resulting in the death of Tobey’s close friend for which he is framed and jailed. After 2 years Tobey is released and is bent on avenging his friend’s death in an underground street race called “DeLeon” a winner take all pink slip race. The value of cars in the race $7 million.

The Good:

-Aaron Paul; Great actor and does a good job with his character. Tobey is cool and collected and doesn’t let his emotions go wild and get the best of him. Aaron, isn’t over the top which in my opinion is a good thing. He is top billed for the movie and for good reason. Aaron seems like a great person and im glad he is getting more major roles.

-Scott Mescudi aka. Kid Cudi; His character code name “Maverick” or “Liar 1” was one of my favorites in the film. I’m not a big fan of his music and I honestly didn’t know he was in it until I looked on IMDB. His character provides a lot of the comedic relief for the film and I think he did a great job.

-The cars; This is the main link between the video game and the movie. I probably will never drive, let alone, own any of the cars in the film, but it was cool to see the exotic supercars like the Bugatti, Lamborghini, Agera and it was a little sad to see some destroyed.

-Detroit; Living in the Detroit area it was great to see buildings I recognized that were filmed downtown. Scenes were filmed downtown right outside of my wife’s building and she sent me this (it’s a bit grainy) video of one of the scenes being filmed.

The Bad:

-The DeLeon; Spoiler alert…Im going to write about this at the end.  Don’t read it if you don’t want things spoiled.

-Michael Keaton’s video podcast; In the movie Michael Keaton’s character (I’m going to call him Mr. D) hosts the DeLeon and has a video podcast on racing.  It’s not the podcast I have problems with, it was that his podcast could be viewed on any portable device (ipad, computer, car touch screen) in real time and be perfectly streamed with no video or sound quality issues. AND you can upload videos back to Michael Keaton almost instantaneously.  Cell service must be amazing in their alternate universe.

-Cast selection; I was hoping for 1 or 2 more recognizable actors in the film. For instance I think Emma Stone would have made a great Julia…although Imogen Poots did a fine job. I also heard Justin Bieber likes street racing too…idiot.

Final Words:

If you are looking for a Fast and Furious knock off or something similar, you could be disappointed. Although the movie is a bit predictable, Need for Speed is not as comical or over the top as F&F. If you are an Aaron Paul or exotic car fan, I think you will appreciate this film. It doesn’t delve deep into character backstories but as the movie goes on you don’t mind or care. If you are into fast cars and cool driving go check it out.

7 out of 10

Need for Speed opens officially on March 14, 2014. Rated PG-13.


Ok, the main issue I have with the movie is the DeLeon race itself.

  1. You have to be invited to be in this secret race. At one point people aren’t sure who actually runs it or how someone is invited. But Tobey easily gets invited by uploading a video to Mr. D’s  podcast and SURPRISE he gets in very easily.
  2. The DeLeon is a huge underground race. But why? The winner gets the other racers cars. Why would racers care about THIS particular race? Mr. D doesn’t appear to have any financial risk, so how did he get people to risk their million dollar cars for his enjoyment? Maybe if I had millions of dollars I would understand…anyone want to donate some cash to me?
  3. Why would anyone be in this race if the prizes are cars?! Why does this bother me? Six of the seven cars in the race get totaled. It might have been different in years past, but in this race the cops are involved and most of the cars are smashed or explode. So the winner gets a pile of car parts that were worth $7 million dollars and now just scrap? Does insurance cover that? Wouldn’t all the cars be seized by police since they were involved in illegal street racing and probably police manslaughter? That was my biggest frustration.

But it’s a movie so everything works out.

Got any questions or answers for me?  Make a comment or Hit me up on twitter @n3rdlink and I’ll answer your questions about Need for Speed.

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Comic-Con International is pleased to announce that because of returned/cancelled badges we will once again be able to offer those badges for resale. This year we have also reduced the allotment of reserved badges for certain departments. Comic-Con has decided to add these badges to the resale for our attendees. We currently have several thousand single day badges available for resale, only 3,100 of which are Saturday badges. 4-Day badges are sold out.

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Another Vince Vaugh & Owen Wilson movie is upon.  This one called Wedding Cra….sorry, The Internship.  I was able to see an advance screening so if you would like to know if you should spend your money on it here are my thoughts.

The Plot:

Two middle aged, long-time friends and sales partners find out that the watch company they work for goes out of business and they are out of jobs, have no money and their significant other leave them for not being mature.  So they decide to take their talents and move to Palo Alto to work as interns (or Noogler as they referred to themselves) for Google.  The interns are told they will be split into teams and a competition will take place to determine who will receive permanent jobs at the tech company…Guess what, Owen and Vince’s team is comprised of the “misfits” that no one wanted on their team including Tiya Sircar (I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t want her character on their team…a girl in a tech company I’d assume guys would flock to her.)

So here are my two cents:

The Good:

-The comedy;  It’s not amazing but I was laughing at a good chunk of the movie.

-A look into the Googleplex;  it was cool to see a little bit of what the campus looks like and what is available to its employees.  I don’t know exactly how accurate it is but from what I have heard it’s not a far stretch.

The Bad:

-Character development; As with any group projects you work on you introduce yourself to each other.  During this scene that’s about all the real development for the characters

-The Plot; It’s a very run of the mill underdog competition story.  If you are looking for something that’s going to surprise you…look somewhere else

-The Comedy; I put this here as well because it seemed the movie relied too much of Owen and Vince’s “chemistry” too much and tried to force things.  Think Wedding Crashers x2-3

-The “My noogle” joke.  I get what they were trying to do with it but I mostly just rolled my eyes at it.

Final Words:

The movie was entertaining.  A good portion of the jokes were funny and the movie didn’t seem to drag on.  I doubt it will win any awards, but I enjoyed it for what it was…a subpar Wedding Crashers.  So should you see it?  If you like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson or  If you get free passes or matinée pricing go for it.  If you would rather wait for it to come to Netflix or be able to watch it at home, I wouldn’t blame you.


The original cast comes back for Fast & Furious 6, out this Friday.  Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez (wait didn’t she die in #4?!), Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Sung Kang as well as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson return to drive fast and blow up cars.

The Plot:

Mastermind Shaw (Luke Evans), is working  to collect parts to build a weapon that can cut off electricity.  Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) finds Dom (Vin Diesel) and encourages him to get the crew back together to take down shaw and his cronies.  Their prize if they help?  Everyone gets their records wiped clean and they can return to the United States.  Oh yea Letty (Michelle Rodrizguez) is alive too…and works for Shaw. Say Whaaaaaaat?!  *For those that may not remember she supposedly died in Fast & Furious (forth released movie.)

The Good:

-The driving.  It’s crazy the different action shots that are created for this movie.  Supposedly they wrecked 239 cars for this movie and most of the scenes are actual drivers and not CG.

-I will say that I do enjoy Dwayne Johnson, Ludacris and Sung Kang’s characters in the movie.

The Bad:

-Paul Walker’s acting.  He is not the best actor but after multiple installments it’s hard to see anyone else playing his character Bryan.

-The whole Letty plot line.  Seems like a stretch to bring her back into the fold of the movie.

-The Franchise’s time line.  Though Tokyo Drift was the third released movie, it takes place after Fast & Furious 6.

The Conclusion:

It’s exactly what you would expect from the Fast & the Furious franchise.  Fast cars, explosions, fight scenes, and this time a tank.  If you have seen any other in the series movies and are expecting a well thought out, well acted movie you are going to have a bad time.  It’s not going to win Oscars but take it for face value and enjoy it.

And remember don’t try the stunts out in real life.  After seeing the original movie some kid decided to test out some of his moves while leaving the movie parking lot and ran his car over a curb tossing the people inside his car around and doing a ton of damage to his ride.  It was quite funny.


Monday  night I was able to see an advance screening of A Haunted House, Marlon Wayans’ (Requiem for a Dream, Scary Movie 1 & 2, Wayans Bros. Show) and his first big movie project with his Baby Way production company.  The movie is scheduled to be officially released on January 11, 2013.  Not only did the audience get to see the movie but Marlon was in attendance to answer questions after the screening.

A Haunted house, is a found film comedy that resolves around Malcolm and Keisha (played by Marlon and Essence Atkins) a couple who have decided to move in together but a demon decides to move in as well.  Malcolm’s new found love of his video camera and security system allows him to document their lives and the “Paranormal Activity” that takes place in their home.

I would classify this movie as a spoof comedy.  There are already a plethora of them that have been created; Not Another Teen Movie, Scary Movie 1-3, Date Movie, Epic Movie etc.  This one is a found film style movie that has many elements taken from Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project and The Exorcist.  In sea of spoof movies that have come out in the recent years, I believe A Haunted House sets itself apart from some of its predecessors.  The main reason for that is that the characters are a small recognizable cast.  Not only are Marlon and Essence part of the ensemble but Nick Swardson (psychic), David Koechner (Surveillance/Ghost hunter expert) and course Cedric the Entertainer (Convicted felon/priest) help to round out the main set of players in the movie.  The other main reason in my opinion is that there wasn’t a new movie reference every 2 seconds which can get overwhelming and boring

Overall the movie was pretty entertaining.  There are plenty of funny as well as startling scenes throughout the movie that can keep you laughing.  Many of the scenes involve sex either with a ghost, stuffed animal(s), or a group of black men.  One reason I liked the movie was because of the Q&A Marlon had after the screening.  He seemed like a very down to earth person that wanted to create a movie that made people laugh and kept them entertained.  He wasn’t trying to make the “next big thing” or “groundbreaking” or anything like that but he found a genre of film that hasn’t really had a comedy made of it and decided to make one.

If you are headed to the movies in January I suggest to give A Haunted House a try.  You may leave the theater asking people if they have “ever been with a man.”

*I recorded part of the Q&A and uploaded it below.  Feel free to take a listen (recording was from the Birmingham, Michigan show) My Apologies for the poor recordings.  I had to split this into 3 parts.  It is unedited

Feel free to leave some comments below or hit us up on twitter @n3rdlink if you are excited to see the movie or what you thought of it if you saw it too!


Acid Free Gallery recently was granted the license to produce a line of Transformer and GI Joe prints.  The first release came out during NYCC a couple weeks ago.

Tom Whalen was the first artist in the Transformers series and with the help of fellow N3rd Link team member Mawuli I was able to get the set of standard prints as well the more limited silver variant print.  With the regular prints having an edition size of 375 ($100 for the set of 2 each 18”x24”) and the variant edition of 150 ($65 36”x24”) the prints are now sold out but can be bought on the secondary market for about $200 for the regular set and $150-200 for the variant.

Here are my general impressions of the prints as well as some more detailed pics below.

If you have bought any prints from Mondotees or have been to a show at Gallery you probably are familiar with Whalen’s work.  He has a distinct style that works extremely well with cartoons and animated features.  He recently created a series of prints based on some of the old Mickey Mouse cartoons like Steamboat Mickey and the Mad Doctor.

I am not a huge Whalen collector but his Transformers and Toy Story prints quickly landed on my “must own” list and I have been lucky enough to add them to my collection.

Whalen’s standard edition comes in a set of two prints.  One is a group shot of the Autobots has a  blue/red color scheme and the other a group shot of the Decepticons with a purple/orange scheme.   The main focus of the prints are the leaders of the two factions Optimus Prime and Megatron.  You only see the left side of Megatron’s face and the right side of Optimus Prime’s face.  This gives a cool effect when you display the two prints next to each other.

The variant edition combines both images into one large print and has a monochrome feel to it and uses black and silver metallic ink.  In person the sliver ink gives the print that something extra that puts it over the top.

Acid Free Gallery also created trading card style “certificates of authenticity,” which I guess was a nice touch but I really don’t think it was necessary.  I haven’t seen any boot legged Tom Whalen prints and don’t think I will in the near future.

Overall I think this was a great start to AFG’s Transformers line.

Revolution NBC’s upcoming TV show produced by John Favreau and J.J. Abrams officially premiers September 17th but For those that are subscribed to Hulu Plus you now have the opportunity to watch the pilot episode.  I took the time to watch it last night…here are my thoughts (I’ll try to be as spoiler free as possible.)


The show begins in the year 2012 and within the first couple minutes the “incident” happens.  What is this incident you ask?  For no apparent reason to the viewer everything that is powered by a battery or electricity stops working.  This includes cell phones, laptops, cars, airplanes, homes, everything and anything that uses some sort of electrical current shuts off and is unusable.  The show then jumps to 15 years into the future…governments have crumbled, militias have raised up, people have died but the world seems to be at some sort of equilibrium.  The main characters are all happy and living in a makeshift community.  That is until one of the militia groups raids the camp looking Ben who they feel has something to do that caused the incident.  The rest of the story looks like it will center around Ben’s family and understanding why the incident happened and to possibly keep the information from the wrong people.


So far so good.  The show has some familiar situations…an independent girl that uses a cross bow  (hunger games), an overgrown landscape (lost), something happens the world that is unexplainable (The Event.)  After watching the first episode people may be thinking ahead and ask how could the writers ever make a good explanation of why an incident like this happened.  I enjoyed the first episode and look forward to the rest of the season.  It’s definitely something I suggest to check out at least the first few episodes before making a final decision.  So for those out there with a Hulu account go stream it or wait for the premier this Monday on NBC.

We just got this email, and thought we would share with those who might want to take advantage of the sale. Act fast, because the 75% off deal is only good for 10 hours!

Never heard of it? Well, if you are reading this blog in the 1st place, then you probably like animae or manga. Well this is an annual convention to celebrate just that! Annually close to 30,000 fans descend upon the Baltimore inner harbor to participate in the three day convention which features animae related, cosplay, workshops, panels, games, movies, and more.

The convention begins today and will run from July 27 – July 29, 2012 at the Baltimore Convention Center Baltimore, Maryland, USA. You can register on the spot, and since they do not offer daily passes, $80 will gain you access to all of the activities all weekend long. Registration details can be found here.

The Otakon website says this about the convention:

Otakon is the convention of the otaku generation: by fans, for fans; and we’re back for our 19th year in 2012!

Join thousands of your fellow fans as we descend on Baltimore to celebrate all anime, manga, and all facets of Asian pop culture!

Ever since 1999, we’ve taken over a sizable chunk of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for a 3-day festival celebrating the pop culture that’s brought us everything from Astroboy to Yu-Gi-Oh, from the Seven Samurai to Spirited Away.

We can’t wait to see you there!

The convention even has its own mascots: Hiroko-chan, and her brother Hiroshi-kun who each have a distinct personality profile (I love that they put this much time into developing the background of the mascots!).

If you are in the Baltimore area this weekend I would highly recommend at least driving by the convention center to see all of the people in costume.

You can learn more about the convention on their website, or by follwiing the



twitter:  @otakon


I’ll keep this simple:

If you like gun-bustin’ action, then go see this movie.

If you like martial arts a$$-kickery, then go see this movie.

I saw it TWICE last week in the theaters, and would go see it again.

If you have no idea what i’m talking about then check out this trailer on youtube.

Its not in all theaters so you may have to hunt for it, but its completely worth it.