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We just got this email, and thought we would share with those who might want to take advantage of the sale. Act fast, because the 75% off deal is only good for 10 hours!


Never heard of it? Well, if you are reading this blog in the 1st place, then you probably like animae or manga. Well this is an annual convention to celebrate just that! Annually close to 30,000 fans descend upon the Baltimore inner harbor to participate in the three day convention which features animae related, cosplay, workshops, panels, games, movies, and more.

The convention begins today and will run from July 27 – July 29, 2012 at the Baltimore Convention Center Baltimore, Maryland, USA. You can register on the spot, and since they do not offer daily passes, $80 will gain you access to all of the activities all weekend long. Registration details can be found here.

The Otakon website says this about the convention:

Otakon is the convention of the otaku generation: by fans, for fans; and we’re back for our 19th year in 2012!

Join thousands of your fellow fans as we descend on Baltimore to celebrate all anime, manga, and all facets of Asian pop culture!

Ever since 1999, we’ve taken over a sizable chunk of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for a 3-day festival celebrating the pop culture that’s brought us everything from Astroboy to Yu-Gi-Oh, from the Seven Samurai to Spirited Away.

We can’t wait to see you there!

The convention even has its own mascots: Hiroko-chan, and her brother Hiroshi-kun who each have a distinct personality profile (I love that they put this much time into developing the background of the mascots!).

If you are in the Baltimore area this weekend I would highly recommend at least driving by the convention center to see all of the people in costume.

You can learn more about the convention on their website, or by follwiing the



twitter:  @otakon


I’ll keep this simple:

If you like gun-bustin’ action, then go see this movie.

If you like martial arts a$$-kickery, then go see this movie.

I saw it TWICE last week in the theaters, and would go see it again.

If you have no idea what i’m talking about then check out this trailer on youtube.

Its not in all theaters so you may have to hunt for it, but its completely worth it.


In its debut, Morgan Spurlock brings his newest film Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope to a limited number of movie screens and accessible on video on demand through most cable providers.

Filmed during the 2010 San Diego Comic Con, Spurlock tries to explain the magnitude the Con has on the geek/nerd population.  Along with following the fans journey to the Con there are a lot of interviews and perspectives from celebrities like Seth Rogen, Seth Green, Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith, Stan Lee and others. 

A main point of the movie is that there are different types of people that attend Comic-Con and the documentary follows the trials and tribulations of fans that are attending the con. 

Here are the types of people that were covered:

The Cosplayer: This type of person walks around the Convention floor (and/or in the Masquerade) dressed as their favorite comic/video game/anime character.  Costumes at SDCC range from horrible to elaborate professional grade, that can take hundreds of hours to create.  It is amazing the lengths some fans will go to create costumes.  For the movie Jessica and her cosplay crew created some pretty crazy Mass Effect costumes.

The Comic Artist: This type of fan brings his art portfolio, in hopes of becoming a professional and breaking into the comic industry.  Many companies will hold portfolio reviews to critique artist’s skills.  It’s a tough industry to break into, but if you have the talent Comic-Con is a great placed to get noticed.  The movie shows the highs and lows of 2 artists as they try to break into the scene.

 The Comic Vendor: This fan runs one of the many thousands of booths on the convention floor.  The vendor featured in the movies is the owner of Mile High Comics.  The proclaimed largest comic vendor in the world.  The focus is on the decline of interest of actual comics at the Con which the vendor feels has been taken over by the huge production companies.  He is trying to sell a Red Raven #1 with a price tag of $500,000 to help pay off his debt.  (From experience Mile High has one of the largest booths for selling comics. I purchased some comics from this vendor at last year’s Con.) 

The Panel Camper:  “Panel Camping” refers to fans that go to Comic-Con and sit in a specific Hall and stay there the entire day.  This happens with the rooms that host the most popular panels (usually Hall H or Ballroom 20).  Due to limited space and since they do not remove people from the halls, if you want to see a specific panel you need to be in line hours beforehand which can take up the majority of your day.  This can be annoying especially if there is other stuff you would like to do at the Con.  Some people begin to camp right after the con closes for that day.  The couple in the movie started dating at Comic-Con and the guy is planning to propose to her during a Kevin Smith panel.

The Collector:  This type of fan spends most of his time on the convention floor at different vendor booths standing in line and purchasing the different Comic-Con exclusives to add to their collections.  The movie follows one such collector in his quest to purchase his exclusive toys (We at N3rd Link fall into this category.) 

So here are my thoughts on the movie and if it’s worth your hard earned $6-8 to rent.

The Good:

The movie does a good job of giving an overview of the convention, and how the convention has evolved from a “comic-centered” convention visited by a couple hundred people to a pop-culture mecca with over 140,000 visitors and now sells out almost instantly.  I also believe it did a good job portraying the different types of people that attend the Con.  There are so many different types of fans that attend Comic-Con and I was glad to see that Morgan Spurlock made that known.  One important theme the movie shared was, that  although it is called the San Diego “Comic-Con” comics definitely take a back seat to the movies and TV production companies.  If you have attended Comic-Con recently you probably know that if you want a break from all the pushing and crowds you walk over to the comic section.  There you won’t find people shoving each other to get whatever free thing that is being passed out.  It’s a little sad that comics get overshadowed at the Con even though the many of the blockbusters that have been coming out lately are comic related.

The Bad:

Understanding that this movie is more about getting understanding what the San Diego Comic-Con is…the love of pop culture and the newly accepted celebration of your inner nerd/geek, there isn’t a ton I would change.  I wish they had gone a little more in depth with the process.  Whether it’s the behind the scenes of putting on the Con or a more realistic perspective of the steps fans go through to get to the con and what they put up with to attend (Although if that happened half the movie would be standing in lines.)

The Verdict:  If you are a fan of Comic-Con or interested in what the big fuss is about then it’s definitely something to check out.  If you have been to Comic-Con you probably won’t learn a lot of new information much but you will recognize a lot of what you see in it and it can help tide you over for the 3 month wait for SDCC 2012 to start.  Go check it out! 

It’s available now on your VOD cable provider, itunes.  Morgan Spurlock is taking his movie on tour to select cities with a Q&A after the screening.  Click here for more information.

In a somewhat surprising announcement and NBC are reporting that the cult favorite Community will be returning to the Thursday line up on March 15!  It will keep it’s 8pm time slot.

There was no word about extending for additional seasons.  But some new episodes are better than none! POP POP!

 Check out AV Club’s write up here.

So who remembers the art that was created for South Park’s “Year of the Fan” 15th anniversary?  And then it was on display during the San Diego Comic Con in a makeshift South Park Town.

Well what some of you may not have noticed is that a few of the pieces were created into prints and currently available for sale on’s store.

Here is the info for the prints if you are interested.

5 Artists in total:

Greg Craola Simkins -“Last Supper” – Full Size: 13″x19″ image size 11″x16.5″

Kid Zoom -“Last Supper” – Full Size: 19″x13″ image size 17″x10.5″

kaNO – “Season Finale” – Full Size: 17″x17″ image size 15″x15″ (kaNO is releasing his AP’s next week on his site)

Trustocorp -“Cartman Kaiju Death” – Full Size: 17″x17″ image size 15″x15″

Ron English – “Last Supper” – Full Size: 19″x13″ image size 17″x9″

Edition Size: Each print is limited to 100 prints each

Cost: $100 each

Where to buy: South Park Studios

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So, the first 2 episodes of Bravo’s show Work of Art have aired.  Here are my thoughts on the show so far.

 What is Work of Art?:

Work of art is a reality game show that brings together 14 artists to compete for $100,000 and a solo show at the Brooklyn museum.  The artists must produce a new work of art based on that week’s theme.  The worst piece that week goes home.  Easy enough?

 The Competitors (Info from Bravo’s bios):

Leon: Deaf artist from Malaysia.  Works in multiple types of media (IMO one of the most talented artists)

Dusty: Teacher from Arkansas.  Works mostly in sculpture (Graduate of Michigan State!)

Kathryn (Kicked off week 2): Has an affinity for human organs (It’s all she talks about)

Lola: Works mostly in sculpture but other types as well

Sarah: Works mostly with installations

Jazz-minh: Focus on human psyche

Kymia: Her bio lists a bunch of awards but not much of what she does as an artist (good for her?)

Tewz: Graffiti/street artist

The Sucklord: Toy designer and bootlegger

Ugo (Kicked off week 1): Haring…I mean Ugo is a French artist that deals with abstract-ish line drawing

Sara: Some Installation work and works with the themes of womanhood and identity

Bayete: Deals mostly in video

Michelle: Works in sculpture

Young Sun: Artist/Curator works in different media

 The Good:

-The Sucklord:  The reason I actually watch the show and he hasn’t disappointed.  He is one of the only contestants with a strong personality that makes the show fun. 

-The two people that annoyed me were booted off in weeks 1 and 2:

     -Although Ugo seemed to be a likable person his work was a complete rip off of Keith Haring.  He was kicked off on the first episode. 

     -On week 1 Kathryn made her photo look like human organs.  On week 2 Kathryn tried to make her movie look like…human organs (IMO she failed).  She couldn’t seem to think outside her box (literally and figuratively) and it made her work boring.  On top of that she whined a lot about her intestinal issues and it just got annoying.  She balled her eyes out before being kicked off.

 The Bad:

-Artists making things too complicated:

Example:  With the inspiration of a Parkour team, week 2 was a team competition with the theme being “motion.”  So what did the teams go with?  Well one member of Team 1 couldn’t move away from the thought of shit so the team decided to go with “digestion.”  (My thoughts??? Parkour…shit…OH I get it…wait no I don’t.)  Team 2 thought of migration (My thoughts???  Hmmm, migrating involves moving, I sort of get it…)

The Sucklord seemed to be the only one to voice a concern that the idea was terrible.  Simon De Pury finally, came to be the voice of reason and basically told both team to start over.  Team 1 went with a playground show (Ok…I get it.) and Leon on Team 2 went with the theme of circle or ball (I can understand it as a way to connect the pieces but it was executed terribly by the team.)

 -Artists over thinking and trying too hard to make their work “deep and profound.”

Example : Young Sun’s week 2 creation was a silver Japanese flag.  This was supposed to view the struggle of Japan with the recent earthquake.  The movement of the flag was supposed to represent the shifting of tectonic plates…WHAT?!

Example: Bayete’s week 1 creation.  His piece depicted a white face and a black face with money glued to the board.  It was supposed to represent racism and money or something like that.  It almost looked like a child’s collage

 The Verdict:

While there are a few talented artists, there are only a couple of the contestants that make the show worth watching.  If someone should get a spin off it should be The Sucklord. 

 I would still give it a shot.

 My Top 2 Finalists:



For more info: – Bravo’s Website