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Better late than never.

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Since I was only at C2E2 for a limited time, much of my day at the convention was spent on the showroom floor.  I was able to spend a few hours at a couple of the comic panels I wanted to check out.  Here are my overall thoughts and some of the information I learned while at the panels.

 Panel #1 Marvel’s Avengers v. X-Men:

The panel of course focused on the new comic series that will bring back the phoenix and undoubtedly shake up the Marvel universe.  The speakers at the panel were writers Jason Aaron (Wolverine), Matt Fraction (Invincible Iron Man), Rick Remender (Secret Avengers) and Editor in Chief Axel Alonso.

The panel was run pretty normally, but started off with a funny short video of Wolverine trying to get retribution for the pranks played on him, which quickly got out of hand and began the fight between the X-Men and Avengers. The video was very Robot Chicken-esque, in that all the characters were action figures.  After the video ended the speakers finally started talking about Avengers v. X-men and allowed some fans to read the next for the majority of the remaining time centered the Marvel app and how if you buy the issues of A v. X you would get a free digital copy of the comic as well as another comic (WHAT a savings!).  I will say, enjoy having a hard copy of a comic, if done correctly an App could really improve the comic reader’s experience. 

No groundbreaking information was shared but I really didn’t expect it.  The majority of the questions asked by fans got the “That’s a spoiler we can’t answer that” response. 

The only solid information that I took away from the panel was that alliances will change and that there will be definite winners and losers.

Panel #2 The Big IDW Panel:

Marketing director Dirk Wood hosted the panel with some of the artists from IDW’s newest and upcoming releases.  This was more of a “What’s coming up from IDW” more than anything.  A few lucky fans walked out of the panel with an exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hong Kong Exclusive action figure.  Some of the upcoming comic releases announced were a new Rocketeer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dr. Who x Star Trek, a new KISS comic, GI Joe, The Crow and Locke and Key will be wrapping up with the last series coming out next year.  Also one comic I did get a little excited about is the upcoming Battle Beasts releases. (I really hope they somehow can incorporate a heat sensitive sticker like the old action figures!)!

The main comic that was talked about during the panel was Smoke and Mirrors.   This 5 issue series produced by writer Mike Costa (GI JOE: COBRA, Blackhawks) artist Ryan Browne (God Hates Astronauts, Blast Furnace), and sleight of hand artist Jon Armstrong  The comic takes place in a 30-40’s era, where magic exists but the main character cannot perform magic.  He must then resort to sleight of hand to try and blend in with the crowd (he isn’t from the magical world).  A young magician finds out his secret and forces the main character to teach him his tricks.  Each issue furthers the story along and at the back of the issue, teaches the readers a sleight of hand trick they can perform.  After the panel I went to their both and picked up issue 2 (one of the only things I bought at the convention…I was quite proud of my restraint.)

Other than that fans asked questions.  I did ask 2 questions at the panel;  It seems there may be a new Ashley Wood book in the works and for the most part the Locke and Key TV show is dead.

Overall many of the comic panels were easily accessible.  Some of the longer lines were for the major players A v. X and DC’s new 52 but they were still manageable.  I didn’t run into problems until I got in line for The Walking Dead panel with Steve Yeun and Lauren Cohan which took place in the IGN Theater (the largest room at the Con).  The room next to the theater was used to corral fans into a snake like line.  There were no ropes or organization to help stop line jumpers or whatnot.  When I got into line, I wasn’t the last person but was at the farthest point from the door so once people started filing into the theater the lines bunched together and blurred so I wasn’t able to get into the theater so I left the line.  I highly doubt I missed much.

Here are a few pictures I took while in the panels.

Next post the Convention floor!

I’m not one to dress my dog up in costumes or crazy outfits, but every once in a while I see a cool shirt or hoodie and I’ll buy it for him.  If anything it helps with all the shedding he does.

I walked into my local Pet Smart and I was surprised that for a limited time they now have their own Marvel dog clothes and toy line!  The clothes feature Marvel’s characters like The Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, X-men, The Avengers, Ironman, Spiderman, Captain America  etc.

Most of the clothes I passed on, BUT I couldn’t resist and bought my dog a shirt that looks like he has the Capt. America shield on his back.

So if you are interested in some cool comic related stuff for your dog go check them out on line or your local Pet Smart!

Here is a pic of my dog Brock (named after Brock Sampson from venture Bros.!)

Ok, let’s see if I can keep this going as a regular weekly column. 

Please if anyone reads this feel free to comment…otherwise I just feel like I’m talking to myself (which is nothing new actually.  [you said it Geoff], {yes you did}, [good for you] – {oops there I go again}). 

 3 comics from last week that I loved and would recommend picking up:

Batman – everyone should be reading this title.  Scott Snyder is writing the best Batman book is years and the art is beautiful. 

Wonder Woman – continues to amaze me how much I like this when I’ve never liked Wonder Woman before.

Avengers – the traditional team building issue with beautiful art from Daniel Acuña.  Was a lot of fun.


5 comics I’m excited to pick up this week:

Wolverine and the X-Men – hands down this is the #1 book I’m excited for!!!

Fantastic Four – their #600 issue.  Sounds like major things happen as Jonathan Hickman’s story continues to build.  And it’s something like 96 pages of all new story.  Can’t beat that!

Locke & Key: The Guide to Known Keys – Locke & Key is my favorite comic book hands down.  A kind of filler issue going over the keys we’ve seen and a new short story. 

Secret Avengers – another one-off issue from Warren Ellis, one of my favorite authors.  These standalone issues he’s been doing are fantastic. 

DMZ: 71 issues in and one left to go after this.  After reading this for 6 years I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends, especially after the end of the last issue.  Not the time to jump in (lol) but a series I’d highly recommend reading in trade if you like very political stories.


See you next week.


Podcast #2 is up and running.

We talk NYCC, Walking Dead, Avengers Trailer and talk to artist  Konfucious about his 3A customs.

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It’s a learning experience.

An exclusive trailer just popped up this morning on the Apple trailer website for the new Avenger movie!

Can’t wait for the movie to come out.  It better live up to it’s expectations!

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