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Just got this email from our buddy Carson Catlin:

I bring you my custom tequila. He was commissioned from a private collector with the explicit direction of “do what ever you want” So thats what I did. This was a very challenging piece because of the detail. I have never done anything like it before so I dove right in. Colored in my favorite color trio, Red, White, and Black. I did my best to accentuate the already iconic lines of the sculpt. Never crossing over lines of definition. I’m super happy on how it turned out and I hope to have another tequila come through my studio in the near future.
Also, I would like to take this time to announce the I am publicly taking commissions. I have always accepted a few through email but I figured I should make it more accessible via a page on my site.
You can visit the site here.
I currently have two spots open.
Thank you for the support and Happy holidays.
All I can say, is that the reticulated treatment looks GREAT on this figure, and would love to see Carson get his hands on some more iconic vinyl figures.