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I got this little surprise in the mail from the blade-master Mr. Carson Catlin. I was leaving for vacation the next day so I had to wait to open it to make sure that I could get a few good unboxing pics of the Reticulated Box
I ended up taking it to my brother’s place on the 4th of July so that a buddy with a good camera could get some shots for me. Other friends quickly circled around and I got a lot of “What’s that?”, and “That looks cool”. My nephew even wanted to know if it was an Energon cube!
Now to the particulars:
The cube came in a box with Carson’s logo in yellow on the top and a label saying “1/1 the Nerdy Edition” on the other side. NICE!!!
It was wrapped in yellow felt to match the color of the cube which was a nice touch. The cube itself is 2.5 inches of translucent yellow. The the reticulated pattern on each side is unique, and one side has Carson’s logo on it. Looking at all of the details on it made me wonder if Carson isn’t secretly also a surgeon.The box is well constructed and is also pretty resilient. There was a moment of panic when the cube was positioned too close to the edge of the table to take a picture, and it fell to the concrete balcony… but it survived, and I couldn’t even find a scratch on it after I inspected it.
The Reticulated Box, which I think I’m going to nickname C4 (Carson C. Catlin Cube) has since been positioned in my house in a couple of different places, and seems to work well in all of them. I’ve placed it next to random toys as well as more geometric pieces, and it holds it own in both settings and makes a bold statement. I’m betting a few of these in random colors would look good grouped together. Currently the cube is residing on my desk at work, and is eye catching enough to have gotten a few “What’s that?” already.
If you want one they will be available at the upcoming San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC).
Details from the man himself can be found below:
In the signature style of Catlin’s cuts comes the Reticulated Box.
It is a 2.5 inch cube of laser cut acrylic. The SDCC release will be a translucent red and will be an addition of 20.
10 will be available online at and will retail for $50.00 plus shipping.
10 will be available with Carson Catlin at SDCC and will go for $50.00 each.
Look for the tall bald guy with cool tattoos at the dragatomi booth.
In addition to the reds, I will also be releasing a Lemon Lime and Orange dream edition with Dragatomi. There will be six of each created for sale.
Special thanks to @Arsonal for help with the pics

The n3rdlink inbox was just graced with this press release and pics from Mr. Carson Catlin:


I hope this email finds you well and not too stressed out with the upcoming con. It will be my first year attending so I am trying to make a big impression. 😉

First up is momentum.
Momentum marks my first paw raw custom and the start of my pieces for SDCC 2013. Painted orange and pink with distressed silver and gold exterior. He will retail for $600 at booth 5350

Next is 3retbots

3retbots is three of the KR mascot 7″ figures reticulated with metallic paint. They will retail for $200 a piece at booth 5350. Been wanting to do this since I finished the father and son piece a while back.
fatalities is three customized calavera skulls from the beast brothers. Painted with a bright interior and finished with silver distressed metallic exterior. They will retail for $200 a piece at booth 5350.
and my first ever blind box series
These little guys will retail for $40 a piece in an edition of 10. Available at booth 5350
And lastly my boxes
Here are my three colorways for SDCC 2013.
first is “in the red” edition of 26. 10 will be available on me, 10 will be available at during the convention. Also on Saturday there will be 6 additional available at booth 5350.
second is delicious a orange and white frost box in and edition of 6. They will retail for $60 each only at booth 5350
lastly is refreshing, yellow and green and yours for only $60 each in an edition of 6 at booth 5350
In addition to all of the above I will have a couple more munnys at dragatomi’s booth and  various things to sell durring both of my signings on Saturday. First one is at 11:00 at dragatomi booth 5350 and at 2:00 at BeeFy & Co booth 5646
If you are attending please swing by dragatomi and say hi.
Thank you for your continued support.
Looking at these pics…the Paw is bananas (no pun intended)
I’m most likely going to be gunning for a mascot if they aren’t all snapped up during preview night.
The N3rdlink team got to r3view a reticulated box. The review will be posted shortly for those who are curious to know more about it.
The blademaster Carson Catlin is at it again. This time he has turned his attention to the iconic Mario and Luigi to create these reticulated masterpieces. He had this to say:
I was recently asked if I would participate in the “Game on”  group show at 1AM SF.

I jumped at the opportunity and whipped up these two guys.

brothers is a reticulated Mario and Luigi.

They will retail for $500 a piece or you can get both for $900.

 Thanks again for the continued support.

I’m really digging these guys…i mean Mario Brothers and Carson Catlin…whats not to like. Enjoy the pics below


Carson just sent over some shots of his latest custom, which is based on ThreeA’s Bambaboss figure. The custom is titled Bambabadass (try saying THAT three times real fast), and the name sure is fitting.
Why does every platform that gets the CC treatment look so cool?!?! Here’s what he had to say
Just finished another commission and I thought I would share.Bombabadass
I was asked a few months back if I was interested in doing a custom based on the Bombaboss. I love doing new platforms so I was super eager to make this happen.

I went with a gradient interior instead of the solid color I usually use. Its most noticeable on the bubbly smoke section on his back. The exterior was painted with a blue color scheme to compliment the interior. Overall I am very happy with how it turned out and I’m sad to see this one go.

Keep an eye on my instagram to see other works in progress. Lots of exciting things in the future.

Thank you for your time!



btw peeked at your instagram Carson….LOVING the KR mascot set

We just got our hands on some new pics of Carson Catlin’s final product for the art without Borders Show, and this one is a beauty. He’s what Carson had to say:

All Stitched Up was created for the “Art Without Borders” show being put on by Art Whino. The challenge was to create something based on a medical theme. My choice was to use the 8″ dunny platform with the iconic red cross on its head. The cross was extracted along with all the other pieces. A coat of red paint inside with a bright white exterior followed along with a medical theme. To tie it all together I used red thread and reattached the red cross from earlier. One my favorite pieces. It will retail at $600.00 USD (a portion of the proceeds will go to Doctors Without Boarders) at Art Whino on February 23rd.
For more info please go to:

Thank you for your consideration.
This piece is really a treat to look at, and it fits the theme of the show perfectly. I’m really looking forward to seeing it in person.

Just got this email from our buddy Carson Catlin:

I bring you my custom tequila. He was commissioned from a private collector with the explicit direction of “do what ever you want” So thats what I did. This was a very challenging piece because of the detail. I have never done anything like it before so I dove right in. Colored in my favorite color trio, Red, White, and Black. I did my best to accentuate the already iconic lines of the sculpt. Never crossing over lines of definition. I’m super happy on how it turned out and I hope to have another tequila come through my studio in the near future.
Also, I would like to take this time to announce the I am publicly taking commissions. I have always accepted a few through email but I figured I should make it more accessible via a page on my site.
You can visit the site here.
I currently have two spots open.
Thank you for the support and Happy holidays.
All I can say, is that the reticulated treatment looks GREAT on this figure, and would love to see Carson get his hands on some more iconic vinyl figures.

Here is the latest custom from Carson Catlin. This custom is for the Urban Vinyl Daily’s “Blow Me” show as seen here.

Based on the 9.5″ Yoshi character. He has a matte black base coat with a gloss black coat on areas to accent the original features of Yoshi. And of course he is reticulated through out.
Yoshi will be available for $350.00 on 9/8 through 10/8 at
Be on the lookout for Carson at NYCC and DCon!