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Wowzers! Imagine my joy when I heard there would be a coarse pop up show during sdcc, which I was already going to be at! I went to their signing on thurs and got a sweet sketch from Sven. Didn’t really know what to expect from the show…. Got there super early and waited in line for a few hours. My fellow n3rdlink brother who was supposed to let me know when he headed over did me dirty and disappeared…. Turns out he went to the show and was in line way ahead of me (with friends like these…). At any rate the line was fun as usual and the show was GREAT. New coloways, and all of the og pieces were 1/1. Made me wish that I had a few extra bucks stashed away to buy some of the coarse originals that were available. At any rate…. Here are the pics. Enjoy



















The show, “Souls Gone Mad” opened at Rotofugi this past weekend to a big crowd, with amazing artwork from the Coarse duo Mark and Sven.

N3rd Link members John and Mawuli were on hand for the opening reception and here are our experiences at the exhibit.

Mark, Sven and Kirby (the owner of Rotofugi) spent up to the last minute of the opening setting up the exhibit.  But that did not stop them from having the show start right at 7pm on Saturday.

If you haven’t been to the new Rotofugi store it’s a great place for an exhibit.  One portion of the shop is dedicated for art shows and the other is the premier destination for vinyl toy collectors (Rotofugi has been voted Best Toy store at the DTA’s 2 years straight.)

Once the show opened it was a dash to grab a price list and then find the corresponding piece that matched it.  There were fiberglass pieces, sculpted resin and photographs available for purchase.  Overall I felt that the prices for originals was very reasonable.  The majority of the art work was less than $3k including one offs and editions of 3.  Of course Rotofugi had a show exclusive resin piece entitled Dark Sorrows.  If you saw the promo photos you already know what it looks like.  The figure is limited to 100 pieces and retails for $680 and has an estimated delivery date of Feb-Mar 2013.

For those that don’t have the cash for an OG or the exclusive figure there was a  lithograph of Dark Sorrow for $20 and a lithograph poster set ($48) which may look familiar to Coarse fans.

There were also some freebie show cards and sticker set as well as coins specifically minted for the “Soul Shaker” pony style ride.

Mark and Sven did a signing for all attendees.  I had them sign my poster set and Mawuli had the back of his iPhone sketched on.

Probably the coolest experience at the show happened right before the gallery closed.  With the gallery pretty much empty we were able to walk around with Sven and he answered our questions about future releases and inspiration behind some of the show pieces.  Here are some of notes I took:

  1. Coarse x ThreeA collab;  Supposedly the figure is completed but still needs to be painted and approved by ThreeA.  Mark has not had time to give it the attention it needs.  So it looks like the ball is in Coarse’s court but I wouldn’t hold your breath that it will be released anytime soon.
  2. About Ruth;  Ruth is Coarse’s first female figure they created.  There has been speculation why there hasn’t been a female figure up until now, but Mark mentioned that the story and scope of this show allowed them to incorporate a female character.
  3. The Void;  This is a character that is looking for an identity.  This is why he is always wearing or carrying around masks with him.
  4. Dark Sorrows exclusive piece;  The mask doesn’t come off is made of resin and limited to 100 pieces.
  5. Locks; It appears Coarse is working on a production piece of this character, so there is a good chance that we will see one sooner rather than later.
  6. Soul Shaker;  The inspiration for this piece comes from the mythology of the term Nightmare.  A “mara” or “mare” is a demon that can be known to ride horses and way back when, dreamers described the feeling of something riding or putting pressure on their chests while they sleep which causes bad dreams…Look it up if you want lol.

Overall the show was awesome.  Got to meet some really cool people from the Kidrobot boards.  Was able to talk with Sven and Mark who were really great to talk with.  As always Kirby is a great host and did a great job setting this all up.

If you are in the Chicago area go check this show out!! It runs through December 2.

That’s all for now.  Feel free to look through some of our pictures.

A month or so ago Coarse announced on their Facebook page that they had come across a few old sticker packs from their iconic 2007 Coarse x Vans collaboration. All one had to do was to reply to their post stating that you were interested in the pack, and Coarse would select a few of the replies (giving preference to current Friends and Family members). I entered, then forgot all about it.

A week ago I had a package in the mail. No biggie. It was from coarse. BIGGIE!!! Now 1st of all, it looked like my mailman tried to fold it one way, then changed his mind and folded it the other way, and stuffed it in the mailbox….grumble… If the package was from just about anyone else I wouldn’t have really cared but it was something cool from Coarse, so I quickly went inside and gingerly opened the package and determine if there was any major damage.

As expected, it included a sticker pack from the Vans collaboration, but never one to not go the extra mile, there was also a small print of what I’m assuming is an upcoming colorway of their Oop and Aww figures. Oh did I mention it was signed and PERSONALIZED?! How cool is that??!! a few pics from other coarse collectors have also popped up on the Coarse thread on the Kidrobot forum, as well as on the Coarseheads Facebook group.

Pics of my pack are below for your viewing pleasure!



Yes, yes, yes – I’m a Coarsehead – someone who really loves Coarse, so of course I’m probably going to love this release. But I REALLY love this release!!! 😛

Ok, I will admit the Oop and Aw sets are cool, but of all the Coarse pieces they are probably on the bottom of almost anyone’s list of cool Coarse toys. And so on ordering these I was excited but didn’t have any idea really what I’d be getting.

I’ve never had a chrome toy before so I’m seeing these as a newbie and the chrome is so what makes these toys. Although it’s interesting in that I’m amazed as the toys themselves but almost more excited for the photography possibilities of reflecting other toys in them. So it’s almost like they are cool first as themselves, but how they will interact and reflect other toys adds a whole new level of awesome.

So the details – box is great. A flat black with gloss black printing and graphics give it a cool feel. You get white gloves for handling the Oop and Aw and for the first time 2 cards that give you care and handling instructions. Again these are gloss black on flat black and look great. You then have the signed and numbered card – locking this release at 150 very lucky people. (on and the ‘don’t eat this or you’ll die’ card – I wonder what it tastes like…)

The Oop and Aw are fantastic. The chrome is flawlessly applied and I can’t find any defects or issues with the chrome. It even looks great in all the nooks and crannies of the pieces. Just an amazing job. They also don’t feel like vinyl at all. Weight-wise the are still obviously vinyl, but have a super-smooth, slippery glass-like feel. Especially with the gloves they would be very easy to slip out of your hands and fall. I sure hope that doesn’t happen to anyone. Even to the naked touch they feel very different than normal vinyl.

And then there is just all the cool pics you can take with them. Even just sitting in the Detolfs they look just amazing and how they reflect the room just adds so much to them. I can’t wait to, very carefully, take them out and pose them with other toys and art and take some very cool photographs. So speaking of which – here are some pics of them, enjoy!!!














During the 3A Reventure show in Hong Kong, Coarse has opened its doors for fans who made the trip, to get an exclusive studio tour. Our very own jet-setting reporter Nico was so dedicated, that he cut his trip to Dubai short to go take the tour  and get us the scoop (Someone send this man a golden star). Now I haven’t talked to him yet to get a 1st hand account, but you had better believe that a detailed write up of the experience will follow once he gets home, so stay tuned.

The one small consolation that I have for our loyal readers is pictures from the tour. Lots of them. From what I can tell a lot of original pieces were up for sale for the lucky few who were able to attend, as well as sneak peeks of some new figures. Enjoy!


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3A Reventure Opening Reception Pics

“Go big, or go home…”

That could have been the motto for Coarsetoys in the early days. In 2004 Coarsetoys (now just Coarse) came out with their first production toys: the 12 inch vinyl Fluid, Flake and Float set. (I’ll be doing and in-depth review of those soon). Then there was not much else from Coarse for 3 years until 2007 saw them go big…really, really big and release the series as lifesized 1:1 scale fibreglass statues.

The statues really come in two flavors: a production run of 25 that was sold to collectors and another version that were provided to retailers as a display item.

There are not a lot of details on the display versions of Fluid, Flake and Float but I’ll summarize what I know.
Early Coarsetoys had a strong partnership with the Vans stores, having 2 of the original 12″ FFF figures sold in and branded with the Vans store logo. From what we can tell a lot of the Vans stores received a 1:1 FFF statue as a display piece. These store versions come with a single head, either Fluid (long-haired surfboarder) or Flake (short-haired skateboarder, also known as Pain). As far as I know, no store version has the Float head (skateboard truck).
The store versions that sport the Flake head all seem to be the same and are in the Pain motif – that being grey shorts with blood splatters. I know of two versions of this: one at Rotofugi (still there) and one that was at RedHotRobot that was sold to a private party a few years ago.
The Fluid versions seem to be typically what was displayed in the Vans stores. These have varying color shorts and also different color hair. Most of these that have shown up on the collector scene are in various states of disrepair. Over the years a number have shown up – mostly in Great Britain and throughout Europe. With one in pretty bad shape from England showing up on eBay in 2011. I’ve seen 4 of these show up and get passed around between collectors over the years. And no one really knows how many more there might be and what condition they might be in.

Now the other version – the 25 production pieces sold to collectors.

Again a lot is not known about all 25. As far as I’m aware the one I have is the only one that has been seen and photographed and discussed publicly. Since I’ve been collecting Coarse I’ve never seen another one in the wild, so while the run was 25 it is unknown how many were actually made and sold to collectors since anyone who has one doesn’t talk about it.

The biggest difference in the production run is the inclusion of all three heads which are interchangeable on the statue. The version I have both the Fluid and Flake head are ‘pain’ versions with blood splattered on their face or dripping out of their nose. All the heads have a metal bolt that snaps into the neck of the statue to keep it secure, while letting you swivel the head into whatever position you’d like. The set also comes with two chest-stands so the two heads not on the statue can still be displayed.

The body itself comes in 7 pieces each using metal bolts and spacers to hold the prices together while letting some articulation and varying positions. There is the torso, both arms, both hands and both legs as separate pieces. A wooden base is also included for the display. A metal pin is screwed into the wooden base and goes up into the left foot that secures the entire statue so he can’t fall over.

Also included are three necklaces, one for each head. These are the same necklaces that Coarse gave away for free on Facebook in 2011. The fact that they had a number of these for their giveaway lends me to speculate that they had them made for the 25 1:1 figures, but not all 25 were sold leaving them with a number of necklaces left over and available for gifts.

There are also 3 blood splatters that come with the figure and can be placed on the wooden box. Also a small jar of touch-up paint is included for any small scratches or nicks that might occur on the piece.

Some random thoughts:
– Both Fluid and Flake heads have eyebrows. Something that the later versions of Pain don’t have. Some people don’t notice or mind the eyebrows, while some find them horrible to look at (James…). 😛
– The 1:1 and the 1:3 Pain are very similar in sculpt and style with the 1:3 version you get some new small refinements like the addition of the belt and chain and slightly longer shorts.
– Both have the same Vans sneaks on that the original 12″ figures also have included.
– The 1:1 does not come with any skateboard or surfboard. Although I’ve bought a full sized skateboard and primed it to hopefully someday have Sven do a sketch on it to display with the 1:1. I’ve also toyed with buying a used 3-fin surfboard and paint it as the ones that come with the 12″ but haven’t gotten up the gumption to go that far yet. 🙂
– The 1:1 has the chest bandage on the right pec, the 1:3 has it on the left. The 1:1 also has a leg bandage that is not on the 1:3.
– Float’s wheels are separate pieces that actually spin and have Coarsetoys branded on them.

All and all he’s definitely the most striking and noticeable piece of art in my house. It’s fun changing up the heads from time to time to give him a different look. Personally my favorite is the Float head so that is on the statue more than the other two. Followed by Fluid and Flake being the last. It’s also fun having the other heads around the house. They on their own are amazing pieces of art and worthy of display even without the 1:1.

If you have any question or comments about the 1:1, feel free to ask. Or if you know of any more information on other ones out there let me know. It’d be cool if this could become a place to keep track of the known 1:1s and what information is available about them. And if you have one and are cool with it, I’d love to post pics of the other ones out there – especially the Vans store versions where they have different hair and short colors.
















In November of 2010 The watch maker Nooka had an art show where 10 designers took the company mascot Nooka Nooka and created an original art piece using his design. Mark Landwher from Coarse created a piece called The Infinite Hunt which was at the time a one-of-a-kind, only for the exhibit. When pictures of the exhibit were posted I immediately fell in love with it, knowing thought that I’d never own it.

Fast forward to July 2011 and Coarse has an exhibit at Paradise Toys in Taipei where an edition of 3 of The Infinite Hunt is unveiled. This time finances prevented me from grabbing one from the show, but a few months later the fates smiled on me and I was able to acquire the #1 of 3. Now after additional months of drama (which I won’t go into here) he’s finally with me and I must say is my favorite piece from Coarse now in my collection.

The review:
This is a Coarse Original – meaning a very limited edition, hand made by Mark. It comes in a large wooden Original box that has the familiar Paw face on the cover.

The Noop is solid resin so if you have the resin False Friends In Pain, you know how heavy it is. I love resin for that – it feels like art. In addition the head piece is so large it adds even more weight.

He comes in 3 sections, the base which is signed and numbered and has 2 pegs that slide inside the Noop’s feet to hold him upright. The Noop body is a solid piece. And the Headdress is a solid piece that fits onto a neck stump. You could easily take a standard Noop from Jaws or False Friends and probably pop the head off and it would fit perfectly on the Nooka Nooka Noop. There is no articulation.

The headdress is finished in a high-gloss lacquer that really shines and gives it a great contrast to the more flat body paint. The Mickey Mouse-esqe hands are also high-gloss finish.

This is one of those situations where I really don’t have anything to write that isn’t high-praise for this figure. When you have a piece of art that is hand-made by someone who’s attention to detail and design aesthetic are so in tune with my own passions – you really have just a perfect marriage of artist and collector.

There are a number of people who have commented at various points of ‘not getting’ this figure, which I can understand because there is definitely and absurdity to it as it integrates the Nooka Nooka design into a Coarse figure and he’s VERY naked, all of which I think you need a certain special mindset to appreciate. I just love that for me, all those come together though to make a piece that’s just fantastic.


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