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With the end of Schism and the new status quo of the X-Verse settling in I thought I’d do a quick roundup of my take on all the X titles (also since someone told me to do it and I’m easily manipulated).

Wolverine and the X-Men: one of my favorite writers (Jason Aaron) and my absolute favorite penciler in the world (Chris Bachalo) take the X-Men back to the school setting in Westchester.  Only one issue so far but was one of the best X-titles I’ve read in years.  Top pic!!!

Wolverine: more Jason Aaron’s wonderful writing makes this next on my must-read list.  I’ve never been a huge Wolverine fan but this series has been stellar and with Jason writing, a must pick up.  If you can get the trades back to the first issue of this series it’s worth it as the story has really been great. 

X-Factor: I love the writer Peter David.  I love this team of mutants.   I love these stories.   Rictor is hot.   And Peter has been writing this for years in his only little corner of the X-verse so there is a rich, long history building with this team.  A very noir, detective, mystery genre if you’re into that.  Well worth jumping in. 

Uncanny X-Force: The (kindof) new kid on the block and another great series.  Very laden in x-mythology but in a way that if you know the history you get a lot of great surprises but written in a way that if you are not familiar with the backstories it’s still enjoyable.  Big, bombastic, cataclysmic settings and having Fantomex on the team with his reality-warping power can be a mind-fuck but I love it!  And probably the best art this side of Wolverine and the X-Men.

Uncanny X-Men: the flagship title – but have to say I’m getting tired of Utopia and Cyclops and the idea of a super-mutant team.  Will hang on for a few months but this one might be dropping. 

New Mutants: This title has been up and down in quality for a while now.  With Abnett and Lanning (who I usually like) taking over writing now and Blink coming back I will hold on for a bit longer.  (and I’ve always loved the paring of Cypher and Warlock – two of my all-time favorite characters).

X-Men:  I started out really linking this series (Chris Bachalo was on art, how could I not) but the writing again has been up and down and with already buying so many fantastically written X-titles this one I dropped a few months ago.  And didn’t miss it.

X-Men Legacy: not a fan on Mike Carey, never read it, don’t care. 

All the rest: Generation Hope, Astonishing X-Men, X-23, Daken, etc. – don’t have a clue.  🙂

The new TV season is up and running.  Some of my favorite shows came back with new episodes.  Shows like Dr. Who, Archer, The League, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Big Bang Theory, Community are already over or just started.   But there is one show that I have anticipated that is premiering this weekend.


 Background on The Walking Dead:

-Originally, a comic created in 2003 written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Tony Moore who was replaced by Charlie Adlard and released by Image comics.

-The comic is a continuingly running series and currently at issue 89 which was released on October 5, 2011

-Due to the popularity The Walking Dead Weekly was created, which reissued the entire series on a weekly basis

Summarize the plot in 1 word:  ZOMBIES!

Summarize the plot in 1 sentence:  The story follows the main character Rick Grimes as he tries to survive the pending zombie apocalypse

 More about the show:

Season 1 was a test season made up of six episodes.  Due to its overwhelming popularity it was picked up for a 13 episode second season.  But if you checked the interwebs for updates, you know the show had its share of problems.  From writer disputes to budgeting issues it seemed more of a question of IF the season was going to be made and not WHEN the second season would premier.  But as you may know the disagreements were resolved and season 2 will premier this Sunday October 16, 2011 on AMC (check the time in your area.)

 Fair Warning:

If you are looking for a direct copy of the comic book you are going to be disappointed.  Though many of the characters in the comic are present in the show there are new characters as well as new situations the group must deal with.  As long as the show doesn’t stray too much from the comic I think the average fan will enjoy the show.

 *NEW this Season* The Talking Dead:

Starting this season, after each episode’s encore presentation the live talk show called The Talking Dead will air.  The show hosted by Chris Hardwick (stars on such shows on G4, The Nerdist Podcast and of course Singled Out!) will talk with fans, cast and producers about the newest episode.

 *6 New Webisodes*:

Don’t forget to check out the AMC’s website for 6 webisodes that tell the story of the “Bicycle girl” zombie seen in the first episode of Walking Dead.

 What are your hopes for the 2nd season of the Walking Dead?  Leave a Comment below!



 For more info check out: – Robert Kirkman’s Website (@robertkirkman) – Official Walking Dead Website – Chris Hardwick’s Website (@nerdist)

An exclusive trailer just popped up this morning on the Apple trailer website for the new Avenger movie!

Can’t wait for the movie to come out.  It better live up to it’s expectations!

Check it out here!

Stopping at your local comic shop today?  Here is the N3rd Link top 5 issues to pick up today!

What are your pick ups this week? Leave a comment!

  1. 1. Animal Man #2
  2. 2. Swamp Thing #2
  3. 3. Walking Dead #89
  4. 4. Moon Knight #6
  5. 5. Chew #21

By Geoff Cuddy (comic N3rd)

Whew, the month of 52 new number 1s from DC with their reboot, relaunch, re-desperate hail-mary to keep relevant…is finally over and time for a quick roundup of what I liked and didn’t.

I didn’t pick up all 52 titles as it was a drain enough on the pocketbook just to try the titles I was interested in, and from what I’ve read I thankfully missed some of the worst of the worst. Most of my choices were based on writers and artists or titles people recommended after reading.

Before this reboot my DC reading was limited to mostly what Scott Snyder, Brian Wood and Geoff Johns wrote as they are some of my favorite writers so I wasn’t big into a lot of DC series. With this reboot I defiantly will be picking up a lot more DC titles but really hope the titles that were the cream of the crop continue the level of quality seen in issue 1.

With all that let’s get to of those I picked up and my thoughts:

Animal Man – best issue bar none. Jeff Lemire here as crafted a perfect first issue.  And the art from Travel Foreman was just stunning!  I can’t say how fantastic this issue was.
Swamp Thing – Scott Snyder can do no wrong. Loved the old series and great to see it back.  Not so new reader friendly as most other titles but if you know a little about Swamp Thing this was great.
Resurrection Man – Abnet and Lanning’s title from the 90’s all brushed off for 2011. Very cool idea of a man who each time he dies comes back with different powers.  Didn’t read their original series and reading this made me want to go back and look at picking it up.
Demon Knights – a medieval justice league, what’s more fun than exploding babies!  Paul Cornell has a great handle on these characters and I always like The Demon.
Wonder Woman – never read an issue of Wonder Woman I liked until this and have never been into Brian Azzarello, but a very interesting start, most surprised by this.  Will for sure keep reading.
Batman – Scott Snyder basically continues his great run on Detective Comics.
Teen Titans / Superboy – both from Scott Lobdell, both really solid and I love Brett Booth’s art on Titans.
Batwoman – J.H. Williams continues creating the most beautiful comic on the stands, continuing the fantastic story started by him and Greg Ruka.
The Flash – good, not great. As always, loved Francis Manapul’s art but after a great start with the old series from Geoff Johns that kind of fell apart leading into Flashpoint, this issue while good, was just good. Will give it a few more and see if I get excited again.
Aquaman – very cool new take on a character maligned by almost everyone. Definitely has me excited to see what’s next. And again Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis make beautiful comics.
I, Vampire – um, ok I think. Will flip through issue 2 and see how I feel. Art was cool from Andrea Sorrentino but I think I might have vampire overload.
Justice League Dark – felt way too much like Peter Miligan’s old 90’s comic Shade the Changing Man. And while I loved that title in the 90’s, not so much in 2011. Where Demon Knights was JL in medieval times this is JL in current times and just not as fun.
Action Comics – Grant Morrison just bores me these days. I keep trying his comics and just feel ambivalent.  Won’t continue reading.
Grifter– I loved Who Is Jake Ellis from writer Nathan Edmondson so picked this up just based on his writing. And was underwhelmed.  Will flip through issue 2 but will probably drop.
Frankenstein Agent of Shade – another Jeff Lemire title. Good enough to continue for now.
Suicide Squad – not interesting enough to continue or talk about.
Stormwatch – was hoping for more from Paul Cornell but was left wanting. Will flip through the next issue as I’ve always loved the characters from The Authority, but no one has seemed to have a good handle on them since Mark Millar left title.
Green Lantern – another series I loved when Geoff Johns brought it back, then got so bored with it after Blackest Night and the colored lantern war (that sounds weird…lol). This again just bored me – another one I’ll flip through issue 2 but don’t know if I’ll pick it up.
Justice League – Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, have to pick this up as how often do you get to enjoy Jim’s artwork these days. A great first issue too.

Well, going thorough all that it seems that I’ll be collecting a lot of DC titles for the foreseeable future.

Part of why I’ve always liked Marvel comics over DC is for the past 10+ years Marvel has for the most part been really focused and stable. There have been good and the bad, but the Marvel Architects have really had a vision and it’s still continuing and there is way more good output then bad. DC has been more of a quagmire of desperation trying one thing after another to gain market share, a few sticking (GL, Batman: the only titles not rebooted) but most failing again and again with each Crisis. I hope with this DC really starts having a focus and that in 6 months or a year we don’t see slip into the same old DC. But for now, I’m enjoying it!

Hi, Geoff here – N3rd Link’s resident comic book n3rd. I’m going to use this column to talk about…well comics.  Ones I like and sometimes ones I don’t.

 A little background: I’ve been collecting comics since the mid ‘80s, starting with Marvel’s Doctor Who and then venturing  into superheroes with Fantastic Four #294 and have been going to my local comic store every week since.  I usually buy 10-20 comics a week, mostly Marvel but with DC’s New 52 I’m giving most of them a try.  More on me in future posts, first off though I just read a comic that made me oh so happy!

The Ultimates #2 by Jonathan Hickman  and Esad Ribic
I have always been a fan of Hickman’s approach to science and technology in his writing.  And yet again Hickman uses his writing skills to kick the Ultimate universe into high gear by ramping up the danger and delivering consequences in this issue and doing things we haven’t seen in quite a while in the 616.

 Borrowing a bit of what Warren Ellis and Mark Millar did with Stormwatch and The Authority, Hickman brings a global threat to the Ultimates in the form of Reed Richards and the Dome.  In the process he completely destroys the Asgardian mythos of the Ultimate universe in a single issue.  (*THIS* is what I was hoping for with marvel’s summer event Fear Itself , but  six issues into that mini-series and I’m still waiting to really feel the stakes and the threat or even care much for that matter, but that’s another post.)  Here Ultimates brings a massive threat to Asgard and then follows through, leaving you excited and looking forward to the next issue!

As for Esad Ribic’s art – it’s just beautiful. I really enjoy the feel of the art, the light lines, great detail and wonderful coloring just adds to the enjoyment. I found myself taking time to study each panel and see all the details and then going back and looking and pages again after I was finished.

Overall an amazing issue, and I can’t wait for #3!  Definite pick up wherever you get your comic fix.

 Check out these sites for more info: – Jonathan Hickman Site – Esad Ribic Site – Marvel’s Site

Podcast in the works!

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The N3rd link podcast number 1 is set to record this weekend. Look for it to be on the site middle of next week!

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