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Do you like toys? Do you like Dr. Who?  If you answered yes to one or two of those questions then you are in for a treat (or maybe a trick, ‘tis the season right?)

Straight from our very own Nikejerk, is one of his submissions for next Friday’s 3A show at the 1am Gallery in San Francisco.

A 3A DIY bot head transformed into a Dr. Who Cyberman helmet.

When Nikejerk told me he was creating a Cyberman helmet out of his bot head I thought it was a fantastic idea.  I don’t know a better DIY platform for this idea.

Well here is the finished product and it turned out great.

No price is set yet for the piece but it will be for sale at the opening of the show.  If you are in the San Francisco area check it out!

An exclusive trailer just popped up this morning on the Apple trailer website for the new Avenger movie!

Can’t wait for the movie to come out.  It better live up to it’s expectations!

Check it out here!

Stopping at your local comic shop today?  Here is the N3rd Link top 5 issues to pick up today!

What are your pick ups this week? Leave a comment!

  1. 1. Animal Man #2
  2. 2. Swamp Thing #2
  3. 3. Walking Dead #89
  4. 4. Moon Knight #6
  5. 5. Chew #21