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I’m not one to dress my dog up in costumes or crazy outfits, but every once in a while I see a cool shirt or hoodie and I’ll buy it for him.  If anything it helps with all the shedding he does.

I walked into my local Pet Smart and I was surprised that for a limited time they now have their own Marvel dog clothes and toy line!  The clothes feature Marvel’s characters like The Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, X-men, The Avengers, Ironman, Spiderman, Captain America  etc.

Most of the clothes I passed on, BUT I couldn’t resist and bought my dog a shirt that looks like he has the Capt. America shield on his back.

So if you are interested in some cool comic related stuff for your dog go check them out on line or your local Pet Smart!

Here is a pic of my dog Brock (named after Brock Sampson from venture Bros.!)

Week 2 on my regular weekly column!!!!! 

Last week 4 people out of 7 billion read it which is something like .0000000000571 percent of the population of the planet.  Let’s see if I can double that this week! (ok, that might be shooting to high, I’ll settle for 6!)

It’s a 5th week so no DC really and just a smattering of Marvel out this week.  Looking forward to a light week for once.  On to the pics…..

3 comics from last week that I loved and would recommend picking up:

Locke & Key: The Guide to Known Keys– Wow!  This issue almost had me crying.  Was so not prepared for the emotional impact of this.  And a great history of the keys and hints at what might be coming. 

Fantastic Four – 100 pages of pure comic joy!!!  Can’t wait to see what comes next!  And Johnny’s back as ruler of the Negative Zone – crazy cool!

Wolverine and the X-Men – I could have stared at the cover of this issue alone and been happy.  And the story continues to rock and I’m so hoping Bobby and Kitty hook up!


5 comics I’m excited to pick up this week:

Daredevil – This new series is the best it’s been since the Bendis run years ago.  And I had the most letters printed in Daredevil than any other comic from back in the day as a kid so it always has a soft spot in my heart. 

FF – now split from the main Fantastic Four book, this issue continues with the kids and what they are up to. 

Wolverine – more fun with Wolverine and Fat Cobra! 

The Ultimates – What, more Jonathan Hickman writing – yes please!!!  Now is the time to get into the Ultimate Universe – every comic is really worth it!

Red Skull – the last issue of the mini-series telling the origin of the Red Skull.  Well worth getting in trade – a very well done and frightening portrait of Nazi Germany and what happened to make the Red Skull who he became. 

See you next week, each and every one of you.


Ok, let’s see if I can keep this going as a regular weekly column. 

Please if anyone reads this feel free to comment…otherwise I just feel like I’m talking to myself (which is nothing new actually.  [you said it Geoff], {yes you did}, [good for you] – {oops there I go again}). 

 3 comics from last week that I loved and would recommend picking up:

Batman – everyone should be reading this title.  Scott Snyder is writing the best Batman book is years and the art is beautiful. 

Wonder Woman – continues to amaze me how much I like this when I’ve never liked Wonder Woman before.

Avengers – the traditional team building issue with beautiful art from Daniel Acuña.  Was a lot of fun.


5 comics I’m excited to pick up this week:

Wolverine and the X-Men – hands down this is the #1 book I’m excited for!!!

Fantastic Four – their #600 issue.  Sounds like major things happen as Jonathan Hickman’s story continues to build.  And it’s something like 96 pages of all new story.  Can’t beat that!

Locke & Key: The Guide to Known Keys – Locke & Key is my favorite comic book hands down.  A kind of filler issue going over the keys we’ve seen and a new short story. 

Secret Avengers – another one-off issue from Warren Ellis, one of my favorite authors.  These standalone issues he’s been doing are fantastic. 

DMZ: 71 issues in and one left to go after this.  After reading this for 6 years I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends, especially after the end of the last issue.  Not the time to jump in (lol) but a series I’d highly recommend reading in trade if you like very political stories.


See you next week.


With the end of Schism and the new status quo of the X-Verse settling in I thought I’d do a quick roundup of my take on all the X titles (also since someone told me to do it and I’m easily manipulated).

Wolverine and the X-Men: one of my favorite writers (Jason Aaron) and my absolute favorite penciler in the world (Chris Bachalo) take the X-Men back to the school setting in Westchester.  Only one issue so far but was one of the best X-titles I’ve read in years.  Top pic!!!

Wolverine: more Jason Aaron’s wonderful writing makes this next on my must-read list.  I’ve never been a huge Wolverine fan but this series has been stellar and with Jason writing, a must pick up.  If you can get the trades back to the first issue of this series it’s worth it as the story has really been great. 

X-Factor: I love the writer Peter David.  I love this team of mutants.   I love these stories.   Rictor is hot.   And Peter has been writing this for years in his only little corner of the X-verse so there is a rich, long history building with this team.  A very noir, detective, mystery genre if you’re into that.  Well worth jumping in. 

Uncanny X-Force: The (kindof) new kid on the block and another great series.  Very laden in x-mythology but in a way that if you know the history you get a lot of great surprises but written in a way that if you are not familiar with the backstories it’s still enjoyable.  Big, bombastic, cataclysmic settings and having Fantomex on the team with his reality-warping power can be a mind-fuck but I love it!  And probably the best art this side of Wolverine and the X-Men.

Uncanny X-Men: the flagship title – but have to say I’m getting tired of Utopia and Cyclops and the idea of a super-mutant team.  Will hang on for a few months but this one might be dropping. 

New Mutants: This title has been up and down in quality for a while now.  With Abnett and Lanning (who I usually like) taking over writing now and Blink coming back I will hold on for a bit longer.  (and I’ve always loved the paring of Cypher and Warlock – two of my all-time favorite characters).

X-Men:  I started out really linking this series (Chris Bachalo was on art, how could I not) but the writing again has been up and down and with already buying so many fantastically written X-titles this one I dropped a few months ago.  And didn’t miss it.

X-Men Legacy: not a fan on Mike Carey, never read it, don’t care. 

All the rest: Generation Hope, Astonishing X-Men, X-23, Daken, etc. – don’t have a clue.  🙂

An exclusive trailer just popped up this morning on the Apple trailer website for the new Avenger movie!

Can’t wait for the movie to come out.  It better live up to it’s expectations!

Check it out here!

Hi, Geoff here – N3rd Link’s resident comic book n3rd. I’m going to use this column to talk about…well comics.  Ones I like and sometimes ones I don’t.

 A little background: I’ve been collecting comics since the mid ‘80s, starting with Marvel’s Doctor Who and then venturing  into superheroes with Fantastic Four #294 and have been going to my local comic store every week since.  I usually buy 10-20 comics a week, mostly Marvel but with DC’s New 52 I’m giving most of them a try.  More on me in future posts, first off though I just read a comic that made me oh so happy!

The Ultimates #2 by Jonathan Hickman  and Esad Ribic
I have always been a fan of Hickman’s approach to science and technology in his writing.  And yet again Hickman uses his writing skills to kick the Ultimate universe into high gear by ramping up the danger and delivering consequences in this issue and doing things we haven’t seen in quite a while in the 616.

 Borrowing a bit of what Warren Ellis and Mark Millar did with Stormwatch and The Authority, Hickman brings a global threat to the Ultimates in the form of Reed Richards and the Dome.  In the process he completely destroys the Asgardian mythos of the Ultimate universe in a single issue.  (*THIS* is what I was hoping for with marvel’s summer event Fear Itself , but  six issues into that mini-series and I’m still waiting to really feel the stakes and the threat or even care much for that matter, but that’s another post.)  Here Ultimates brings a massive threat to Asgard and then follows through, leaving you excited and looking forward to the next issue!

As for Esad Ribic’s art – it’s just beautiful. I really enjoy the feel of the art, the light lines, great detail and wonderful coloring just adds to the enjoyment. I found myself taking time to study each panel and see all the details and then going back and looking and pages again after I was finished.

Overall an amazing issue, and I can’t wait for #3!  Definite pick up wherever you get your comic fix.

 Check out these sites for more info: – Jonathan Hickman Site – Esad Ribic Site – Marvel’s Site