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Tetris is one of my favorite games of all time.  I own at least one version for the NES, SNES, Gameboy, Nintendo DS, Xbox (I have a couple records on Twin Galaxies site for versions on the Xbox), Xbox 360, Wii, iPhone I even own an old school full size Tetris game cabinet.  So when I heard there was a new version on the App store by EA games on sale for $.99 I jumped all over it. 

In this version there are 3 different types of game play;

One-Touch; This marathon game style displays multiple outlines of your current tetrimino and the different legal places you can play them.  You simply just tap where you want the piece to placed and it automatically moves to the spot you choose.  Since there are usually many options to place your tetrimino there is a “cycle” button you can press to view additional positions until you are satisfied.

Marathon; A traditional Tetris game play.  Utilizing the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch’s touch screen you tap the screen to rotate the piece and slide your finger back and forth to place your piece where you would like to.

Galaxy; This version tests your puzzle solving skills by places blocks on your screen and your goal is to clear the board in the shortest amount of time, using the least amount of tetriminos.  This style uses the cascading effect (Meaning any remaining blocks from your tetrimino after a line is cleared continues to fall until they reach another block or the bottom of the screen.  Not the usual 1 line drop.)  You are rated on a 1-5 stars depending on the number of tetriminos you use to clear the board.  As you progress through the levels they become more difficult and give you less time to choose a position.

Throughout the game you are awarded T-Coins!  So what can you do with said T-Coins???

-Unlock new worlds and challenges

-Use tetrimino powers;

   Best Piece (Turns your current tetrimino to a new piece more suited for your situation. Not necessarily the best piece to take advantage of the cascade effect though)

   Anvil Power (When you place your piece it digs down 2 more rows)

   Separating Power (Separates your current tetrimino into individual blocks taking advantage of the cascade effect)

The game also tracks your lifetime stats and gives you a ranking based on your experience points.

You can also join the T-Coin Club!!! As an in app purchase you can pay $2.99 (for 1 month) or $29.99 (for 1 year) to earn 15% more T-coins and lines

 So how did this new version stack up to its addictive predecessors???

The Good:

Galaxy Mode; As a fan of puzzles and Tetris, Galaxy mode is challenging and a great addition to the game.  And with new challenges for additional T-coins popping up on your screen it adds to its replay value.

-The addition of the one touch.  The sometimes inconsistent finger sliding to guide your piece can be tough to maneuver especially during high speed levels.

 The Bad:

The One touch cycling button. Although the one touch is a nice addition, with limited time and pieces having many possible positions if you press the cycle button one too many times you have to go through the whole order of choices again which can waste a lot of time.

Sliding touch movements.  I can’t argue too much about this since when you play on a touch screen device you would expect something like this for game play.  But when playing some of the higher levels if you aren’t precise you can screw up pretty easily.

T-Coin club; Like many other App store games the developer adds this in app purchases which gives you the ability of earning 15% more T-Coins and Lines.  Thankfully joining the club is not crucial to enjoying the base of the game (I have not joined the club and I am currently at Level 7 with over 11,000 T-Coins in my bank to use to open new worlds or use tetrimino powers (which cost 100-150 coins per use.)

 The Verdict:

-If you like Tetris and you don’t mind paying for your apps this is a great pick up for $.99.  Just with the galaxy game play, there are currently 7 worlds each with 15 puzzles.  That in itself is worth 99 cents.  But this version has 2 more traditional Tetris styles which I think is just icing on the cake. Oh and did i say it only costs $0.99?!