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Revolution NBC’s upcoming TV show produced by John Favreau and J.J. Abrams officially premiers September 17th but For those that are subscribed to Hulu Plus you now have the opportunity to watch the pilot episode.  I took the time to watch it last night…here are my thoughts (I’ll try to be as spoiler free as possible.)


The show begins in the year 2012 and within the first couple minutes the “incident” happens.  What is this incident you ask?  For no apparent reason to the viewer everything that is powered by a battery or electricity stops working.  This includes cell phones, laptops, cars, airplanes, homes, everything and anything that uses some sort of electrical current shuts off and is unusable.  The show then jumps to 15 years into the future…governments have crumbled, militias have raised up, people have died but the world seems to be at some sort of equilibrium.  The main characters are all happy and living in a makeshift community.  That is until one of the militia groups raids the camp looking Ben who they feel has something to do that caused the incident.  The rest of the story looks like it will center around Ben’s family and understanding why the incident happened and to possibly keep the information from the wrong people.


So far so good.  The show has some familiar situations…an independent girl that uses a cross bow  (hunger games), an overgrown landscape (lost), something happens the world that is unexplainable (The Event.)  After watching the first episode people may be thinking ahead and ask how could the writers ever make a good explanation of why an incident like this happened.  I enjoyed the first episode and look forward to the rest of the season.  It’s definitely something I suggest to check out at least the first few episodes before making a final decision.  So for those out there with a Hulu account go stream it or wait for the premier this Monday on NBC.