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Monday  night I was able to see an advance screening of A Haunted House, Marlon Wayans’ (Requiem for a Dream, Scary Movie 1 & 2, Wayans Bros. Show) and his first big movie project with his Baby Way production company.  The movie is scheduled to be officially released on January 11, 2013.  Not only did the audience get to see the movie but Marlon was in attendance to answer questions after the screening.

A Haunted house, is a found film comedy that resolves around Malcolm and Keisha (played by Marlon and Essence Atkins) a couple who have decided to move in together but a demon decides to move in as well.  Malcolm’s new found love of his video camera and security system allows him to document their lives and the “Paranormal Activity” that takes place in their home.

I would classify this movie as a spoof comedy.  There are already a plethora of them that have been created; Not Another Teen Movie, Scary Movie 1-3, Date Movie, Epic Movie etc.  This one is a found film style movie that has many elements taken from Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project and The Exorcist.  In sea of spoof movies that have come out in the recent years, I believe A Haunted House sets itself apart from some of its predecessors.  The main reason for that is that the characters are a small recognizable cast.  Not only are Marlon and Essence part of the ensemble but Nick Swardson (psychic), David Koechner (Surveillance/Ghost hunter expert) and course Cedric the Entertainer (Convicted felon/priest) help to round out the main set of players in the movie.  The other main reason in my opinion is that there wasn’t a new movie reference every 2 seconds which can get overwhelming and boring

Overall the movie was pretty entertaining.  There are plenty of funny as well as startling scenes throughout the movie that can keep you laughing.  Many of the scenes involve sex either with a ghost, stuffed animal(s), or a group of black men.  One reason I liked the movie was because of the Q&A Marlon had after the screening.  He seemed like a very down to earth person that wanted to create a movie that made people laugh and kept them entertained.  He wasn’t trying to make the “next big thing” or “groundbreaking” or anything like that but he found a genre of film that hasn’t really had a comedy made of it and decided to make one.

If you are headed to the movies in January I suggest to give A Haunted House a try.  You may leave the theater asking people if they have “ever been with a man.”

*I recorded part of the Q&A and uploaded it below.  Feel free to take a listen (recording was from the Birmingham, Michigan show) My Apologies for the poor recordings.  I had to split this into 3 parts.  It is unedited

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