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Another Vince Vaugh & Owen Wilson movie is upon.  This one called Wedding Cra….sorry, The Internship.  I was able to see an advance screening so if you would like to know if you should spend your money on it here are my thoughts.

The Plot:

Two middle aged, long-time friends and sales partners find out that the watch company they work for goes out of business and they are out of jobs, have no money and their significant other leave them for not being mature.  So they decide to take their talents and move to Palo Alto to work as interns (or Noogler as they referred to themselves) for Google.  The interns are told they will be split into teams and a competition will take place to determine who will receive permanent jobs at the tech company…Guess what, Owen and Vince’s team is comprised of the “misfits” that no one wanted on their team including Tiya Sircar (I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t want her character on their team…a girl in a tech company I’d assume guys would flock to her.)

So here are my two cents:

The Good:

-The comedy;  It’s not amazing but I was laughing at a good chunk of the movie.

-A look into the Googleplex;  it was cool to see a little bit of what the campus looks like and what is available to its employees.  I don’t know exactly how accurate it is but from what I have heard it’s not a far stretch.

The Bad:

-Character development; As with any group projects you work on you introduce yourself to each other.  During this scene that’s about all the real development for the characters

-The Plot; It’s a very run of the mill underdog competition story.  If you are looking for something that’s going to surprise you…look somewhere else

-The Comedy; I put this here as well because it seemed the movie relied too much of Owen and Vince’s “chemistry” too much and tried to force things.  Think Wedding Crashers x2-3

-The “My noogle” joke.  I get what they were trying to do with it but I mostly just rolled my eyes at it.

Final Words:

The movie was entertaining.  A good portion of the jokes were funny and the movie didn’t seem to drag on.  I doubt it will win any awards, but I enjoyed it for what it was…a subpar Wedding Crashers.  So should you see it?  If you like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson or  If you get free passes or matinée pricing go for it.  If you would rather wait for it to come to Netflix or be able to watch it at home, I wouldn’t blame you.