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Acid Free Gallery recently was granted the license to produce a line of Transformer and GI Joe prints.  The first release came out during NYCC a couple weeks ago.

Tom Whalen was the first artist in the Transformers series and with the help of fellow N3rd Link team member Mawuli I was able to get the set of standard prints as well the more limited silver variant print.  With the regular prints having an edition size of 375 ($100 for the set of 2 each 18”x24”) and the variant edition of 150 ($65 36”x24”) the prints are now sold out but can be bought on the secondary market for about $200 for the regular set and $150-200 for the variant.

Here are my general impressions of the prints as well as some more detailed pics below.

If you have bought any prints from Mondotees or have been to a show at Gallery you probably are familiar with Whalen’s work.  He has a distinct style that works extremely well with cartoons and animated features.  He recently created a series of prints based on some of the old Mickey Mouse cartoons like Steamboat Mickey and the Mad Doctor.

I am not a huge Whalen collector but his Transformers and Toy Story prints quickly landed on my “must own” list and I have been lucky enough to add them to my collection.

Whalen’s standard edition comes in a set of two prints.  One is a group shot of the Autobots has a  blue/red color scheme and the other a group shot of the Decepticons with a purple/orange scheme.   The main focus of the prints are the leaders of the two factions Optimus Prime and Megatron.  You only see the left side of Megatron’s face and the right side of Optimus Prime’s face.  This gives a cool effect when you display the two prints next to each other.

The variant edition combines both images into one large print and has a monochrome feel to it and uses black and silver metallic ink.  In person the sliver ink gives the print that something extra that puts it over the top.

Acid Free Gallery also created trading card style “certificates of authenticity,” which I guess was a nice touch but I really don’t think it was necessary.  I haven’t seen any boot legged Tom Whalen prints and don’t think I will in the near future.

Overall I think this was a great start to AFG’s Transformers line.