The N3rd Link Team


N3rd Specialties: Toys, Prints, Cartoons

Favorite Artists: KaNO, Coarse, Luke Chueh

Favorite Cartoons:  Home Movies, Venture Bros., Archer


N3rd Specialties: TV, Custom Toys, Dunnys

Favorite Artists: Ashley Wood, Scribe, Coralie & Supakitch

Favorite TV Shows: The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, House


N3rd Specialties: TV, Comics, Vinyl Toys

Favorite Artists: Joe Ledbetter, Coarse, Jeremy Geddes

Favorite Comics: Locke & Key, Fantastic 4, Animal Man


N3rd Specialties: Shoes, Art Creation, Vinyl Toys

Favorite Artists: Dave White, Ashley Wood,

Favorite Sneakers: Vegas Sole Collector Dunk, White Laser Jordan 4, AF1 Year of the Dog


N3rd Specialty: Art Creation, Graphic Design, Vinyl Toys

Favorite Artists: Chuck Close, Marcel Duchamp, Andy Goldsworthy

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