Posted: November 12, 2012 in N3rd Link Podcast
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We are back with a new episode of the N3rd Link Podcast.

This show we hit up on the following topics:

-Jeremy Geddes & Ashley Wood Solo shows at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC.  Mawuli and Nico’s take on the show.

-Jeremy Geddes was interviewed on the Porter Square Podcast.

-Coarse Show at Rotofugi.

-The Sucklord Suckathon at Designer Con

-Geoff’s love for Laser etching!

-Kaws Astroboy and Snoopy candy jar release

-Huck Gee / kaNO Android AP releases

-And a little thing called Hurricane Sandy

Mari Inukai show at Giant Robot.

-Keep an eye out for Dynamite Rex!!

Movie, TV, Books and Comics:

-Nico and Geoff Love Homeland

-Our thoughts on the Disney x Lucas film take over

-ESPN’s new 30 for 30

-Geoff loves books and suggests “John Dies in the End” and “This Book is Full of Spiders; Seriously Don’t Touch it” by David Wong


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